Dear Mr. President,

I’m not sure what set me off this time. Perhaps it’s that you went one ‘Pocahontas’ too far. I’m referring to the derogatory and racist nickname you’ve given Senator Elizabeth Warren. I assume you found it humorous the first time you used it, but the second, the third, and then on and on? Really?

You had a TV program. You should know that TV audience attention spans are short. Material that draws a laugh last night doesn’t work tonight. And by tomorrow people wonder if anybody directing the program has a memory or is thinking. TV constantly demands new material.

But this whole idea of name calling. You’ve got quite a record. In addition to Senator Warren, you’ve called Kim Jong un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, ‘Rocket-man.’ Oh and then there’s ‘Crooked’ Hillary. Talk about a phrase that’s lost its luster. How many years have you been at it? It must give you a rush, but for the rest of us it’s boring. I know ‘boring’ isn’t something you aspire to, but hey, I’m on the listening end, and it is boring.

You tagged former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as ‘low energy.’ Senator Marco Rubio got ‘Little Marco.’ You said of your former aide, Omarosa Manigault Newman, she is ‘wacky and deranged’ and a ‘crazed, crying lowlife.’ You also called her a ‘dog.’ For Stormy Daniels, you chose ‘horse face.’ For James Comey, former head of the FBI, you reserved ‘Slime ball.’

I don’t know what kind of jollies you get out of this, but I hope one day you will realize you are the President of the United States of America. And when the President speaks, America speaks. And when America speaks like a grade school bully, the rest of the world looks at us not as the ‘greatest,’ which you keep talking about, but they wonder how in the world the United States has fallen to the point where it is led by a man who talks as if he never grew up.

I traveled Europe for two months last fall. Never once did I hear anyone talk about the United States as great. A number, after registering surprise you got elected, described the United States as just another country like any other that puts up with inept leadership, and the people stumble along as best they can. In other words, your slogan to ‘Make American Great Again’ is turning into a laughingstock. We are a joke.

Instead of name calling, I’d like to see you elevate to issues, to delineating problems and putting forth solutions. I also suggest you shrink your opinion of yourself and listen to the experts who devote their careers to the problems, be they international relations, energy policy, public education, infrastructure, the list is long. And then back solutions that fit the problems. For you to dispute other politicians’ ideas is fine. That’s what public debate should be about. But name calling? You should have left that behind in the fourth grade.

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