I’m wondering if Kentucky Senator McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, has gone too far into the Kentucky deep fried. I mean with his brain. Really? Making Election Day a federal holiday would be a ‘power grab?’ Having more people vote would be a power grab?

Which means that if we were to avoid power grabs, having no voters would be pure democracy. Like the Stalinist USSR. Like Nazi Germany. Like some of the notorious banana republics. You said on the Senate floor that having more people vote is ‘a power grab that’s smelling more and more like exactly what it is.’ You’ve really grabbed onto that ‘power grab’ thing.

Of course when you held up the nominating process for Merrick Garland to be approved for the Supreme Court for almost a year, that didn’t smell like a power grab? Remember you said, "One of my proudest moments was when I looked Barack Obama in the eye and I said, 'Mr. President, you will not fill the Supreme Court vacancy.'” Senator, can I suggest that has the stench of power grab? You were defying the Constitution. Or were you so high on chicken wings that you didn’t notice?

There’s another smell drifting around. The sweet effervescence of weakness. The flowery pungence of the pusillanimous. Wasn’t that the word our famous disgraced Vice President Spiro Agnew used? Why the smell? Because you wait for the phone to ring. Or is it a Tweet to pop? Or a text to buzz in your tiny phone? Telling you that the President will allow you to put a bill up for vote because he will give it his blessing. What the founding fathers established as a check and balance on the president, you’ve turned into, ‘Daddy, please, may I?’

The President calls maybe presidential candidate Howard Schultz ‘gutless.’ I don’t know if Schultz is gutless, but I know nothing about him to suggest that he begs permission from anyone before taking action. You don’t build a coffee empire with, ‘Daddy, may I?’

There’s another odor wafting about that I can’t ignore. It’s the smell of sweat-driven fear. That’s not coming from you, is it, Mr. Majority Leader? No, couldn’t be. You’re not afraid that if more people can vote it might threaten the power that you’ve grabbed and are determined to continue grabbing onto?

Are all your Kentucky folks white collar and able to control election day so they have time to get to the polls? And do they all have cars so they don’t need buses or streetcars or the like to get to and from the polls? And do all of your polling places have enough booths and workers so that in the after-work rush people don’t have to form long lines? Sometimes standing outside in cold rain, like we’ve seen on TV news shows and in newspaper photos of elections in the past. All white collar and well heeled, so why have a holiday?

The smell of fear. Pungent. So unmistakable. Janitors, sanitation workers, hospital aides, restaurant bussers and dishwashers, farm workers, the millions scraping by on minimum wage and pay check to pay check. ‘Those’ people, Mr. Majority Leader. Are you afraid of them? Afraid that if they got an Election Day holiday and had the time and the wherewithal to go to the polls they might not mark their ballots for you and others like you who think more voters are a threat to democracy?

Tell me it isn’t so, Mr. Majority Leader. It must have been bad chicken, was it not? You didn’t really mean more voters are a ‘power grab?’ Or did you?

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