I have a hunch there are three kinds of people in our country. Those who are addicted to cable news of whatever stripe and are afflicted with media delirium tremens when they go too long without another injection. Those who are so nauseated by the cable news that they avoid it altogether. And those who glance at cable news the way they glance at an ad for a walk-in tub or heart medicine that may help you if it doesn’t kill you. Meaning with indifference.

If someone from a distant planet were to drop in for a visit (I don’t suggest it), would they have any idea we have major problems that we royally ignore? Or would they get sucked in by the endless British Brexit he said, she said, somebody said, and then oops, there’s Brussels? And this jabbering like drunken parrots between Pelosi and Trump on ‘wall,’ ‘fence,’ ‘barrier,’ with a chorus of southern border sheriffs singing it isn’t the wall that’s most important. Look at the big drug bust that just occurred at a port of entry.

I’m not suggesting that border security isn’t an issue or a need. But like so much else, it’s been turned into another political football game in yet another stadium. What would be best for the American people, and thus a democratic solution, is lost as politicians with obsessive disorders keep drawing lines in the sand and defying each other to cross.

Their goal isn’t the best kind of border solutions for the best security—along with humanitarian justice and mercy, but whether Trump and the Republican Party win the game, or Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democratic Party. It’s highly likely that regardless of who wins, the chosen solution will be overly expensive and under-perform. Like a lot of the stuff we taxpayers pay for.

Our government should be “of the people, by the people, for the people.” “For the people.” That’s what should be foremost in our government’s decisions. Rather than the Republicans win. Or the Democrats win. And we the people lose.

You might say President Trump’s base is the people, his supporters. He wins, and his people win. Granted. But what of the 65% who aren’t his base, and when Trump wins, they lose? It begs the question of whether we are governed by majority consent, or by a minority. If a minority, then we are not a democracy. Is that what we want?

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